Timber | Fiberboard melamine mdf wood board 18mm15mm hdf board laminated sheet mdf panels 2mm 3mm mdf decor board

  • Supplier Timberan Corporate
  • Country Canada
  • Supply Ability 50000 square meter
  • Minimum Order 1000 square meter
Product Description

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) a type of engineered wood product is primarily manufactured in China using agricultural residues or secondary fuel wood as its primary raw materials. Its fundamental constituents include wood fibers and resin adhesive. Key Characteristics: Consistent Material: MDF boasts uniform material properties featuring a dense layered structure and a smooth surface that resists deformation ensuring stable performance. Ease of Finishing: MDF is highly adaptable for finishing work. It readily accepts various coatings and paints offering an ideal canvas for achieving desired paint effects. Additionally it readily accommodates a wide range of materials such as veneers adhesive paper films decorative panels lightweight metal sheets and melamine boards that can be affixed to its surface. Versatile Applications: Rigid MDF can be easily perforated and drilled making it suitable for crafting sound-absorbing panels. It finds extensive use in construction and interior decoration projects.

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Quality : A+ Grade
Stock : 50000 cubic meter
Minimum sale amout : 1000 cubic meter

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