ECG & EEG | Mortara eli 280 ecg system - portable, high-quality ecg monitoring solutions

  • Supplier Stefan Lewis
  • Country United States
  • Supply Ability 80000 Pieces
  • Minimum Order 100 Pieces
Product Description

Specification: * High-fidelity ECG recordings * Portable, lightweight design for easy transport * Advanced signal processing algorithms for accurate readings * Compatible with a wide range of electrodes for versatile monitoring * User-friendly interface for easy operation * Includes software for data management and analysis The Mortara ELI 280 ECG System is a portable and high-quality ECG monitoring solution designed for a variety of medical applications. With its lightweight and compact design, this system is easy to transport and use in any setting. The ELI 280 features advanced signal processing algorithms that provide accurate and reliable ECG readings, and it is compatible with a range of electrodes for versatile monitoring. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate the system, and the included software provides tools for data management and analysis. Whether you're in a clinical setting or on the go, the Mortara ELI 280 ECG System is the perfect solution for ECG monitoring.

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