ECG & EEG | High-quality ecg monitoring system for professional use - schiller cardiovit at-104 pc ecg

  • Supplier Stefan Lewis
  • Country United States
  • Supply Ability 10000 Pieces
  • Minimum Order 85 Pieces
Product Description

High-Quality ECG Monitoring System for Professional Use - Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-104 PC ECG Specification: * 12-lead ECG recording with high-resolution graphics * PC-based system for easy data management * Real-time analysis and diagnosis with advanced algorithms * Compatible with a variety of leads and accessories The Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-104 PC ECG is a high-quality monitoring system designed for professional use. With its advanced algorithms and real-time analysis capabilities, this system provides accurate and reliable ECG readings. The PC-based design makes data management easy and efficient, and the system is compatible with a variety of leads and accessories. Whether you're in a clinical setting or conducting research, the Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-104 PC ECG is an excellent choice for ECG monitoring.

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